How To make A 5000mah Power Bank in 5 minutes

Dumsor is here once again. I hope you remember those days you can go for days without your gadgets! Powerbanks are real saviours when Dumsor becomes so intense. I will show you how to make a power bank in 5 minutes in this tutorial. This are the stuffs you might need:
1. Lipo charger module TP4056: Its role is to convert 5V fto 4.2V for charging the Lipo batteries


  1. Two or more Lipo batteries. (you can salvage from an old laptop battery). I used two 2500mah Batteries I grabbed from Aliexpress


3. 5V boost converter module. This converts 3.7V from the Lipo batteries back to 5V for charging your phone



Just watch the following images to see the processes involved.

I first connected the two batteries in parallel. This makes my power bank to have a capacity of 5000mah


I then connected the positive terminal of the 5v Boost converter to the positive terminal of the batteries as well as the negative to the negative terminals of the batteries. 

I did same for the TP4056 lipo charger module. This are the final results.

20160724_151619 20160724_150912 20160724_150910